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Q. I am setting up our event. Price for Adults is $10. But if Adult wants a cheaper price he can sit in the Balcony for $8. How do I do that?
A. Just double-click Balcony in the Section Price Option and enter -2. Your base price of $10 will be reduced by $2 and displayed as $8.

Q. We have an Orch-Front section which are the best seats. How do I charge extra for those seats?
A. Double-click Orch-Front in the Section Price Option and enter a positive number. If you wanted to increase your base price of $10 to $14 for that section, just enter 4 in the Price Option box.

Q. We will probably use your stand-alone Home Page offer for now. It is too expensive to change our main website. What should I put on that page?
A. When you enter your event we will automatically create your home page displaying the details of your event. We recommend you upload whatever graphic you want to use when prompted. We will adjust the size to fit automatically. If you want more, go to the Design Module at any time, and enter your extra information in the Edit Your Home Page shown there. You can also Edit Your Headline in the box just below the Home Page link.

Q. Our event is General Admission. How do I just skip the seating setup? Our seats are not even numbered.
A. Select Tickets Option. Choose New Pricing. Check the box for General Seating. For setting up variable prices, see the next topic.

Q. We have a special rate for Veterans, and we don't want to charge for Wheelchairs. How do we do that?
A. Under Base Ticket Prices (formerly Selected Ticket Prices) choose Create New Ticket Sale Price. You could enter 'Veterans', then enter a special price. For spaces with Wheelchair access you could use 'Comp' (complimentary). An icon is available to mark those spaces in your Seating chart. An adjoining seat is normally provided for one companion at a reduced rate.

Q. I don't want any special email sent with tickets. Just send the tickets to the buyer and mark the Subject 'Tickets for ...'.
A. On the Thank You Page, choose the option marked 'Suppress Thank You Message'.

Q. We don't have the time or the knowledge to Design a webpage. How do I have our web designer do this?
A. That feature is available in EV+. In the Design Page, choose the option 'Third Party Access' and see Help for rates on enabling EV +.

Q. We don't have seats. We have tables. Can you handle this?
A. See Help for details on enabling EV+. A library of shapes is available for EV+ users. You can specify table size and move them around to match your space.

Q. We want to promote our event. If we use the EV stand-alone website, how do we tell people about the site?
A. Details on your event can be included in a full-color self mailer -- a service available to EV+ users. The same design is also available as a web banner and as a PDF mailer you have print yourself or at any copy shop. See Help for details on EV+.

Q. We are looking at printers to print our own hard tickets. Can WorldForms-EV handle that?
A. There is an interface available at EV+ to create a csv file for printing tickets onto thermo stock or onto perforated laser forms. Both hard copy ticket styles can be preprinted with your logo if required. If using thermo printer, all or part of the venue's tickets can be printed before the event. If using your own laser printer, all tickets are normally printed early so that phone orders and season's tickets can be mailed; off-site agents can receive their ticket inventory, and balance can be separated for boxoffice sales.

(To enable EV+ please provide your contact details here. For subject use 'EV+'.)

Q. I'm going to start printing tomorrow. Are there any instructions on printing?
A. If you are printing ticket orders from the Confirmation Module in WorldForms, there are no special instructions.. the Confirmation Form is designed to fit on a standard Letter-size sheet.
If you are using DIY-TICKETS to print bulk tickets, please read this memo:

Your file is generated as a pdf file. It can be printed using the free Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader is not present on your machine, you will receive a popup message with download instructions. If a professional will be printing your file, they will have one or more Adobe products available to print your tickets.

Before you print, set printing to print pages "1 of 1". (do not use print "All" until you have examined your test page).
Verify that Scale setting at top is set to 100%. Sometimes Adobe Reader will attempt to scale your document to a smaller size.

Using pre-perforated ticket blanks?
Verify that the text fits normally in the area reserved for the ticket itself, and the stub portion before starting.